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50 Daesh Militants Killed in Operation at Nangarhar

(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)

2Local officials in Nangarhar have claimed that during the operation more than 50 Daesh militants which included Pakistani Nationals were killed in Kot-Haskamina districts of Nangarhar in the past seven days.

Governor of Nangarhar province Mohammad Gulab Mangal said, “ Daesh militants are not only coming from Pakistan, but they are being supported logistically and Financially by the Pakistan Government and receive military equipment.”

Meanwhile Pakistani military have once again started shooting missiles in Lalalpor district of Nangarhar where most of the local residents were made to flee from homes.

Based on the recent reports the Turkham gate is still closed for the passengers which created severe problems from both residents of the Durand line.

“Unfortunately the Turkham gate is still closed for the passengers, despite of witnessing the decreasing of missile attacks by Pakistan militaries, today several missiles landed in lalapur district of Nangarhar province, diplomatic efforts are underway to have the Pakistan stop shooting missiles into Afghanistan’s soil and also re open the Turkham gate for the people of both countries.” Nangarhar Governor Mohammad Gulab Mangal said.

Pakistan started shooting missiles into Afghanistan’s soil after that country witnessed several terrorist attacks which killed dozen Pakistan and injured several others.

Reported by: Hameed Sediqee

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