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5 Local residents Kidnapped in mid way of Sholgara-Balkh Province

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2015)


Gunmen have kidnapped 5 local residents on the way of Sholgara district to Balkh Province.

District Governor of Sholgara Sarajuddin Abid has confirmed that the following persons were kidnapped last night.

He also said that an investigation team began working to find those kidnapped persons, yet they have been capable to find their footprints.

However Balkh security chief Abdul Razaq Qadiri told that in the following incident 3 persons were kidnapped whom one of them was an Afghan trader with his two body guards.

The following kidnapping comes after that 31 Hazaras (Shiites) whom had been kidnapped by the unknown gunmen in Zabul Province weeks ago their destination is not clear yet.


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