5 Killed, 41 Injured in Separate Bombings of Nangarhar

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2016)

2Local officials in Nangarhar have confirmed that 5 people were killed and 41 others were injured in separate bombings occurred in 2th and 4th police precincts of Nangarhar province early Friday noon.

Local Security officials have also said 2 police forces were killed and 3 others were injured in bombings of Nangarhar province.

Provincial Governor Spokesman Ataullah Khogyani said, “The first bomb detonated close to Abdul Hakim House the Nangarhar security headquarter detention officers, where he along his kid were killed on the spot, the second explosion occurred after half an hour in 2th police precinct on police ranger which had no casualties, but after gathering of the local people the third bomb exploded killed 3 and injured other 5 people.”

Witness Faqirullah said, “Most of the causalities were civilians and ordinary people.”

Meanwhile head of the Regional Hospital in Nangarhar confirmed that 5 corpses and 41 injuries were received from the bombings today.

Head of the Regional Hospital in Nangarhar Dr. Najeebullah Kamawal said, “ 5 dead bodies and 41 injuries were received, where 10 of the injured people were dismissed after initial health care treatments.”

The Governor Spokesman also said, “One officer and 2 soldiers were killed in the bombings, one officer and 2 other soldiers were injured.”

N one has yet to claim the responsibility of the Friday bombing of Jalalabad city.

Edited: Rahmatullah Muahid


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