46 Cases On Farkhunda Killing Received by Supreme Court: Azizi

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2015)


Officials in Afghanistan Supreme Court have confirmed that 46 cases including 19 cases of Police forces who had been on the scene while Farkhunda was being killed were received.

They have urged that each case will be pursued accordingly to the existed laws and regulations.

Meanwhile officials in Ministry of interior Affairs have insisted in the press release that Farkhunda case will be followed by us.

It has been 10 days since Farkhunda has been killed brutally in the capital city of Kabul two kilo meters away from the Presidential palace.


Afghanistan Supreme Court spokesman Basir Azizi confirmed that Farkhunda case received today early noon by the Supreme court staffs within her case there are 46 dossiers of the accused persons including 19 police forces who had been the eyewitness of the scene and 27 other civilians who are involved in her case, each case will be reviewed based on the laws.”

Position of the Supreme court is clear for all and we are here to defend the rights every single Afghans based on the laws, reviewing of the dossiers will take time, it will be announced as soon as they get reviewed legally added the Supreme court spokesman Basir Azizi

He has insisted that all dossiers will be reviewed within 15 days after the completion they will be sent to court.


Officials in Ministry interior Affairs said,”investigations are underway to arrest those who have been involved in killing case of Farkhunda.

Her case has shocked Afghan Nation inside Afghanistan and in USA,Europe,after several  rallies launched, they have demanded the Government to execute those whom were involved on her killing.

Reported By Hameed Sidiqee


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