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450 Governmental figures accused for corruption, introduced to court

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2016)


Officials in Special Center for Justice and Anti-Corruption have stated that 450 Afghan Governmental officials who are accused for corruption has been introduced to justice and judicial department of Afghanistan, that includes the Ministers, Governors, Officials of Independent Governmental departments of the previous Government.

Afghanistan Supreme Court Spokesman has assured that all the corruption cases of the senior Governmental figures will be properly pursued in special center for justice and anti-corruption.

Government of Afghanistan has announced the special center for justice and anti- corruption will begin its work this week, and will properly pursued all the corrupted cases goes to the Afghanistan Governmental officials.

Anti-Corruption Bureau Spokesman Abdulqahar Farakh Sear said,” 450 corrupted cases goes Governmental officials were recorded within the department, based on the conclusion of the following department 13 billion Afghani were saved for the favor of the Afghanistan Government out of the Governmental and none Governmental NGOs.”

Afghanistan Supreme Court Spokesman Baseer Azizi said,” some Ministers of the former Government of Afghanistan are included in the corruption cases that are living in abroad, but the cases will be pursued without any fears.”

Corruption has blacked mailed Afghanistan to the World, the perpetrators of the corruption cases have stolen billions of dollars which had been assisted for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, a question remains that how the following center will proceed the high profile corrupted cases.

Reported by Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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