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42 More Released From Farah Central Jail

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2014)


Forty-two more prisoners have been released from the central Jail of western Farah province following special pardon from President Karzai on the occasion of Mujahedeen’s Victory Day.

The Jail authorities said the freed inmates were held over different crime charges but now their remaining imprisonment terms are pardoned following Presidential decree number 16.

Farah Police Chief, present at the event, warned the freed inmates if they again turned into their past activities, they would be detained again and that with strong punishment.

“You must have learned of your past,” police chief Abdul Razzaq Yaqoubi told released inmates. “I want you people live peaceful life along with your family and work for your country’s future.”

Meanwhile, the released prisoners promised to turn into normal life and would never act against Islamic Law and the government of Afghanistan.

Recently, 44 people were also released from the same jail of Farah.

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