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400,000 Ghost Voters Are Out Of Voters List: IEC

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2019)

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) says that 400,000 ghost voters are removed from the voters’ list by the commission and the Central Statistics Organization is supposed to clarify the accurate number of real and ghost voters in the list.  

Abdurrahman Nang, Chief of the IEC secretariat, says that 400,000 voters were duplicated and therefore are out of the voters’ list.

Meanwhile, some of the electoral observer organizations claim that there are nearly 5 Million ghost voters in the list and the commission has not the ability to separate them from the real voters which provide the ground for frauds.

“Neither the ghost voters nor the ghost national identity cards have been removed. They [IEC members] want to go for the presidential election which will create a catastrophe,” said Dawood Ali Najafi, former Chief Secretariat of IEC.

At the same time, the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) has received dozens of complaints regarding the voters’ registration process.

“Though there were over a hundred complaints, 18 complaints have been recorded and followed officially,” said Qasim Elyasi, Chief of the IECC Secretariat.

The presidential election is supposed to be held on September 28th; however, the IEC has not succeeded to gain the presidential candidates’ trust.

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