$40 million has been attained from Kabul Bank scandals – AGO

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2015)


More than $40 million has been returned back to Kabul Bank after the final decision of the special court on the bank embezzlement case, officials said.

President Ghani issued a decree on his initial days inquiring to re-open the Kabul Bank embezzlement case, and the court soon sentenced the biggest scandals including Ex-Chairman Shir Khan Farnood, and Ex-CEO Khalilullah Ferozi, but the government is still unsuccessful to return moneys back and trial those powerful shareholders who were also involved in Kabul Bank crisis.

Now, about four months have passed since the Supreme Court has directed the AGO to collect all the loans of the bank and credit it into the Afghanistan’s Central Bank account, but none of the loaners have paid their loans yet.

Attorney General’s Office (AGO) of Afghanistan emphasis serious follow up on this case, but a number of lawmakers believe that the government has already failed to return the moneys being embezzled.

Noor Habib Jalal Acting-Head of Afghanistan’s AGO said,” Kabul Bank Clearance Office is working hard on this case, as yet we could attain cashes and properties which worth more than $40 million, and we are following this case”.


Earlier Integrity Watch of Afghanistan (IWA) announced that the New Kabul Bank losses about $ 7 million annually and the bank has lost about $ 50 million since it was bankrupted on 2010.

On the other hand Farhad Azimi a member of the parliament criticized the government and said,” the Kabul Bank loaners have their own part in the government, therefore; the government is not committed to execute the court decisions”.

He added, the Kabul Bank scandals are “travelling along with the government leaders to foreign trips” probably pointing to Ex-finance minister Omar Zakhilwal who is currently the economic advisor of President Ghani.

Another MP Zakaria Sawda pointed,” the government is unable to finalize Kabul Bank crisis, because Kabul Bank loaners are close relatives to the powerful people”.

Previously, a senate member said that the government is neglecting the real scandals including Zakhilwal.

Zalmai Zabuli, the Senate Complaints Commission Chief has said,” Investigations on Kabul Bank crisis case are still without any result and it is really concerning. Several documents prove involvement of government high ranking officials in Kabul Bank crisis including ex-finance minister involvement, but the question is why they are not trialing Omar Zakhilwal? Documents prove his involvement in Kabul Bank crisis, but both the government and the judiciary systems are keeping their silent about him.”

Kabul Bank corruption is the biggest scandal in Afghanistan’s financial history which is still not cleared even after two courts.

Reported by: Ahmad Farshad Saleh

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