4 Nations open polls to determine date for direct peace talks

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2016)


The four states members for peace talks process have opened up polls to determine the date for direct peace talks  with Taliban, which will be held in Islamabad of Pakistan.

Officials in Ministry of Foreign Affairs have urged that direct peace talks will be held in between Taliban and Afghan Government on the first week of March 2016 but an Afghan official who didn’t want his name to be taken told to Ariana News that direct peace talks will be taken place in 10th of March 2016.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Spokesman Khairullah Azad said,” Afghanistan,USA,China have launched efforts to announce the date for holding the direct peace talks.”

based on the Afghan political experts statements who had visited a number of Pakistani civil society activists in Kabul, saying in the direct peace talks only two members of Taliban will attend the session.

“If Pakistan loosen up the peace talks control there Afghanistan will benefit from it,Pakistan is seeking credits which is contrary to the policy of the Afghan Government  Ahmad Saiedi political expert said.”

Fears are stills stance that members of the Harasat and sabat council warned the Afghan Government for not losing the achievements made in past several years.

Member of Harasat and Sabat Shafiq Salangi said,” Afghan Government should not lose the 14 years achievements, cares must be taken that Afghanistan not to be divided.”

Officials in Ministry of Foreign Affairs are optimistic over the direct talks with Taliban for ensuring peace in Afghanistan, if Taliban do not attend the talks they will be destroyed by the cooperation of region and world countries.

Reported by : Abdul aziz Karimi



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