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4 Day of Farmer exhibition ends in Kabul

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2016)



Officials in Ministry of Agriculture and live stock have reported that scores of farmers, gardeners and investors who have exhibited their products during four days of Nowruz have signed contracts with dozens companies and individuals.

Investor Mohammad Issah said,” I have sold about 80,000 Afghani my products and I have signed contracts with fresh fruits contractors.”

Selar Noor Mohammad Naizi said,” We have had good opportunity of selling our products during four days,We demand the Afghan Government to hold such exhibitions in the future where Afghans can find better markets for their products.”

Meanwhile Ministry Agriculture and live stock Spokesman Lutfullah Rahid said,” dozens of contracts signed in between the farmers and contractors which will impact on the products and boost the economy.”

Farmers and gardeners have asked holding of same exhibitions in the future to find better markets for our products.

Reported by Aslam Hejaab


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