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30 Militants Killed in Kandahar Night Operation, Says Gen. Raziq

(Last Updated On: March 31, 2018)

30 armed militants were killed and 10 others wounded as the result of an operation conducted by Afghan Defense and Security Forces in Kandahar, according to General Raziq, the provincial police chief.

He said that the operation was carried out last night in Sira Baghal area of Maiwand district, where the militants have recently showed a emboldening presence recently.

The local security official further noted that 10 bases of the militants were targeted and destroyed during the operation.

As the Taliban militants have recently increased their activities and attacks in the southern Kandahar province, Afghan forces have also intensified their measures against the militants.

Meanwhile, Kandahar’s local officials also confirmed today that at least two soldiers of Afghan National Army (ANA) were sustained injuries after a mortar blast targeted their patrolling vehicle in Kandahar city.


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