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3 women nominated as ministers emphasis on building infrastructures

(Last Updated On: April 11, 2015)

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Three women nominated as ministers introduced their work plans for future to the Afghan Wolesi Jirga members.

On Saturday Nasrin Oryakhail nominee for ministry of Martyred, Disabled & Social Affairs, Farida Mohmand nominee for ministry of Higher Educations, and Salamat Azimi nominee for ministry of Counter Narcotics described their priorities.

They emphasized on making policies, developing capacity buildings and fighting against corruptions.

Oryakhail the nominee for ministry of martyred, disabled & social affairs making commitments to provide employment opportunity saying “We will change employment issues to a national agenda; we will build a national coordination committee leading by the government leaders to decrease the level of unemployment.”

Mohmand the nominee for ministry of higher education touched the university entrance exam issues saying,” Our goal is to build a balanced and qualified system to help Afghanistan in progress and in order to improve the university entrance exam system to be transparent and observable”.

Azimi the nominee for ministry of counter narcotics has insisted on the need to fight against corruptions saying,” A national and political commitment is needed to fight against corruptions in order to able to decrease the cultivation, production and smuggling trafficking of the narcotic drugs”.

Recently, the government introduced 16 cabinet candidates to get their approval from Afghan Parliament, but MoD minister is not announced yet.

MPs stress that the government must introduce the nominee for defense ministry as soon as possible.

Abdul Rauf Enami, secretary of the house said,” We hoped they could first introduce the nominee for ministry of defense, but there are internal issues between the government leaders which delayed the nominee for MoD. Procrastination is against the law”.

Earlier the President announced Afzal ludin as nominee for ministry of defense and there were rumors about Attiqullah Baryalai nomination for chief of security staff, but they were rejected by the President and the CEO due to the internal disagreements.

So far the MPs have reviewed the documents of 12 candidates for ministerial positions and the lawmakers have noted issues on candidates educational documents.

Only six ministers have described their working programs to the lawmakers.

Reported by: Abdul Aziz Karimi

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