3 Religious Scholars Murdered in Ghaisar District of Faryab

(Last Updated On: October 22, 2017)

Three religious scholars have been murdered and another one was wounded by unidentified armed men in Bora Ghan area of Ghairsar district of Faryab province, local officials said.

The spokesman of Faryab governor, Jawid Bidar said, “Reports suggest that the scholars were murdered due to religious differences and problems. Our discovery forces are in the area and the investigation is underway on the issue.”

Faryab province has turned, in the past few years, into an area of serious concern in Northern Afghanistan. Tensions between different factions still run high.

The serial killings of influential figures in the districts have created an atmosphere of fear even in the city.

Faryab, an outlying province even by Afghan standards, was once a sleepy and remote area which Nowadays the province registers instead a fast-growing number of security incidents and even more concerns for further deterioration along political fault lines.

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