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3 Days Mourning for Panjshir Affected People Announced

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2015)


Afghanistan Chief of Executive Officer Dr, Abdullah Abdullah said,” about 110,00 families have been affected from the recent Natural disaster took place in several provinces specially in Panjshir province.”

He added that communications has been cut off in between the districts and even within the villages of Panjshir residents due to avalanches came down,we as the officials for the Government to prioritize the following issues .”

Meanwhile the joint people council of Khodaman, Kapisa, and Parwan Provinces have deployed a convoy of basic aids to Panjshir residents.

A number of the provincial council members have demanded more aids to be given for the Panjshir affected residents.

Mirbachkot district Governor AbdulRahim Rashid said,” My people have felt humanity and shared their things with the Panjshir affected residents.”

Kabul provincial council member Fawad Sediqee said,” aids have arrived in the areas but we demanded the Government, International community, and Afghan businessmen to help and supports their affected residents in Panjshir Province.”

The Internal aids come after Pakistan Government has helped some food and clothing for Panjshir residents.

Meanwhile International community and United Nation Organization have expressed their deep sorrows and shared their feelings with those families have lost members.

The recent toll of the Natural disaster in Panjshir reached in 196 people, more than 100 were injured and still 1000s of the residents stuck and surrounded by the avalanches came down into their areas.

Its said the toll for such Natural disaster will be in rise because roads related to the main rout of Panjshir Province still blocked off by the heavy snow.


Reported By Rafi Sediqee

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