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3 Day Exhibition Held to Seek Best Markets for Women Handicrafts: MoCI

(Last Updated On: May 20, 2015)



Officials in Ministry of commerce and industry have announced that efforts are underway to find markets for Women’s handicrafts and resolve their existed challenges where discouraging Women boosting their economy.

Earlier female businesswomen had expressed their concerns over not accessing markets, and other challenges which were used to discourage them from doing their handicrafts.

Female traders have exhibited their handicrafts on a three day exhibition in Kabul in order to find best markets for their productions, the following exhibition has been held by the cooperation of Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Head of the Women Industry Union Nazifa Mrizad said,” in the past 13 years Women’s handicrafts could find best markets,they female businesswomen demanding the Government to end their challenges by finding good markets and resolving their problems.”

Head of the private sector of trade in Ministry of Commerce and Industry Sayed Rahim Sayedi said,” efforts has been done but not sufficient, concrete efforts are needed to resolve the traders’ challenges within the country.”

This comes after that GDP in Afghanistan did not have significant growth due to insecurity and neglects of the Governmental officials.

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