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2nd Domestic Products Exhibition ‘Kabul Jan’ Opened

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2016)

exhibition_15_12_1016_dari_sot-mpg_snapshot_00-47_2016-12-15_18-19-27For the second time, a domestic products exhibition under the name of “Kabul Jan” opened in Kabul on Thursday.

 Dozens kinds of productions in 40 pavilions that include fruits, handicrafts, appliances and jewelry showcased in this exhibition.

Deputy spokesman of Executive Office says the Afghan government is committed to support the domestic productions and tries to provide more and better facilities for investment in the country.

“Government is committed to take further steps in this sector that our traders have still many problems,” said Jawid Faisal, deputy spokesman of CEO.

In the meantime, Participants in this exhibition consider the lack of government support and the private sector, lack of market for selling products the main challenges for businessmen.

Lack of appropriate internal and external markets for domestic products is a serious problem which has not been solved so far.

Reported by Lida Neyazi

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