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2nd Afghan-China Conference on Evaluating Opportunities of Silk Road Held in Kabul

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2017)

ABRISHUM_29__03__2017__DARI__SOT.mpg_snapshot_00.18_[2017.03.29_17.13.54]The second Afghanistan-China joint conference on evaluating the progress and opportunities of the Silk Road held under the name of “One Belt, One Way” in Kabul.

Political deputy of the ministry of foreign says the implementation of the “One Belt, One Way” project will change Afghanistan into a transit center in the region.

“This project is very important for our regional cooperation and we hope today’s talks provide the practical guides about how to use these opportunities,” said Hekmat Khalik Karzai, political deputy of MoF.

President’s advisor on infrastructure affairs has also called the “One Belt, One Way” project valuable for economic growth of Afghanistan, saying this project can provide the fields for economic developments and infrastructures.

“This project considers to connect countries through several projects such as developments of infrastructures and roads,” said Hamayoun Qayumi, president’s advisor on infrastructure affairs.

The Chinese government considers to build a trade route in the framework of constructing the Silk road and expand its infrastructures.

“Afghanistan is a contact center and plays an effective role in this project. This project does not only relates to china but Afghanistan has a significant part in it,” said Chinese ambassador to Kabul.

Currently, beside expanding economic and trade relation with Afghanistan, China wants to construct the Silk Road and allocates $ 40 billion for this project.

By Lida Neyazi

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