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28 Taliban, Daesh Fighters Killed in Badghis Airstrikes

(Last Updated On: January 13, 2019)

At least 18 Taliban militants and 10 fighters of Daesh were killed during the Resolute Support (RS) airstrikes in northwest Badghis province, a local official said on Sunday.

The provincial spokesman Jamshed Shahabi told Ariana News that the RS troops have conducted air operations in Jewand district of Badghis. 

Shahabi said the foreign forces launched air raids on a gathering of the Taliban and Daesh insurgents in Panj Buz area of Jewand district.

He further said that at least 40 Daesh fighters have been detained during the operation.

This comes as the Resolute Support Troops are engaged in air operations against the militants in Badghis province.

Badghis is among insecure provinces in the northwest part of Afghanistan, where Daesh and Taliban insurgents are active in number if its district.

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