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27 Year Old Farkhunda Ruthlessly Stoned to Death in Kabul

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2015)


A number of the civil society activists have demanded the Government to pursue the case of Farkhunda who had been stoned to death charged of burning Holy Quran in one of the shrine’s Named Shadoshamshira located in the capital city of Kabul on Thursday.

They have asked the Government to arrest the perpetrators of her case and sentence them accordingly to the existed laws and rules.

Police officials have stated that 9 persons connecting to her case has been arrested and searches are underway to find others caused her death.

Officials in Ministry of Haj and religious Affairs rejected her actions on burning of the Holy Quran.


Based on the recent images accessed by the Ariana News Mr. Farkhunda has been graduated from one of the religious madrasa she has been seen in full Islamic Hejab or coverage , in the video she swore that she didn’t burn the Quran but no one has accepted her speeches.

The worst case in her video shows that young boys according the Police officials claimed that they don’t know anything about Islam trying to stone her death body and willing to burn her body.

Civil society activists after releasing of a resolution have asked the Government to sentence those Afghan security forces witnessed the scene and did nothing to save her life on the spot they demanded their arrestments and furthering trials in the courts .


Member of the Junbish Madani citizen demanded the officials in Ministry of haj and religious not to be silent on her case and do not have to let others misuse Islam by taking such inhuman acts.

The other member Ahmad Shah stankzai said,” Law should be practiced the perpetrators should be arrested and introduced to the courts.”

Zahra Sipehr the other civil society activist said,” those who misuse Islam should be judged by the law,her case should pursued.”

Minister of the Interior Affairs Noorulhaq Ulomu said,” We have been capable to arrest 9 persons connecting to her case, efforts are underway to find others.”

In Ariana News earlier report indicates that Simen Hassanzada the deputy of the Ministry of information and culture had said,” no forces can stand against the Afghan’s faith, we support the Islamic values.”

Meanwhile the Kabul police spokesman Hashmatullah stanikzai has written in his face book wall that the following lady were trying to burn Holy Quran to receive the US or European citizenships.”

Criticizes are in rise on Afghan police forces existed on the scene and have done nothing to stop those causing her to death as the video indicates.

Reported by Hameed Sediqee



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