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250 Afghan traders to change business location: Chamber of Commerce

(Last Updated On: July 4, 2016)



Officials in Chamber of Commerce and industry have stated that 250 Afghan businessmen are willing to change their investments location from Pakistan to Afghanistan, they have taken the following actions that Pakistan Government has recently provoked some problems.

The Afghan businessmen are demanding the Government to provide some lands for continuing their business inside the country, meanwhile officials in Ministry of Commerce and Industry have urged that necessary measurements has been launched.

Chamber of Commerce and industry Spokesman Siam Persalay said,”  Afghan Government should provide facilities for the Afghan businessmen where the investments reaches up to $1,5 billion dollar, this should be taken seriously.”

Meanwhile Ministry of Commerce and Industry Musafer Quqandi said,”  Six zones of boosting economy has been built in the entire country, efforts are underway to resolve some of the issues and provide best plat forms for International investors in Afghanistan.”

Economy expert Mohammad Shabeer Basheeri said,”  Drawing attentions for investing in Afghanistan is a golden chance, Government should use the following opportunities for its own favor, encouraging Afghan businessmen will be a big achievements.”

This is not the only issue where Afghan businessmen are facing with Governmental officials have always claimed that efforts has been made to provide more opportunities for Afghan businessmen in the country.

Reported by Aslam Hejaab 

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