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Taliban Infiltrators Kill 25 Soldiers, Wound 2 In Ghazni

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2019)

Taliban Infiltrators attacked the Qara-Bagh district of Ghazni Province. The attack killed twenty-five soldiers, while two soldiers were wounded, according to local officials.

This attack happened on Friday night at the Afghan Army checkpoint in Nawda village of Qara-Bagh District. Seven ‘Taliban Infiltrators’ attacked the checkpoint.

Ghulam Habib Zeerak, the Qara-Bagh District Chief, said that following the attack, the infiltrators seized equipment, including a tank.

The Ministry of Defense stated that nine soldiers were killed in the attack. However, the Taliban claimed that thirty-two Afghan Army soldiers were killed in the attack.

Qara-Bagh is one of the most insecure districts of Ghazni Province.

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