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25 Days Passed, MPs Quarrel Still Remains Unsolved

(Last Updated On: June 11, 2019)

A number of lawmakers on Tuesday insisted that the new elected House Speaker should start his job in order to end the ongoing impasse in the lower house of parliament.

Lawmakers insist that the continuation of the situation is not in favor of the country and will create a gap between ethnic groups in the country.

“Mr. Rahmani elected as the House Speaker after he secured 123 votes. Unfortunately, some of our brothers and sisters are intentionally trying to create challenges and create a crisis,” said Ziauddin Zia, an MP from Samangan province.

“It was decided that Mr. Rahmani is the winner and one vote was invalid. Now, our colleagues accepted half of the decision and rejected the other half. It is impossible,” said Nahid Farid, an MP from Herat province.

However, some lawmakers emphasized that the issue must be investigated and should be resolved according to the law.

“This issue cannot be resolved based on traditional Jirga or by forming committees. It is better to watch the archive and make the decision,” said Abdul Rahman Hamdard, an MP from Balkh province.

“Let’s hold another election and if Mr. Rahmani won the election we will congratulate him,” said Sayed Ahmad Khadim, another MP from Kandahar province.

Lawmakers in the Afghan parliament divided after the interim speaker of the House announced Mir Rahman Rahmani, an MP from Parwan province, as the winner at the end of an election.

His rival, Kamal Naser Osuli, an MP from Khost province, refused to accept the decision.

Several committees were formed to resolve the issue but all efforts had no breakthrough yet.

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