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230 Projects with Cost 46 Billion Afghani Granted: Presidential Palace

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2015)


Presidential palace has granted 230 projects with the cost of 46 billion Afghani for different provinces of the country the projects which will boost the economy and create dozens of jobs opportunities for the Afghans.

Head of the National Procurement Department Yama Yari stating that 11 big projects has been granted recently with the cost of more than 1,5 billion Afghani by National Unity Government leaders, from 11 projects 3 projects were delayed for further reviewing.

Mr. Yari has warned all the private sectors in case of ignoring of the contract principals they will be faced with serious acts from the Government side.

Head of the National Procurement department Yama Yari said,” 230 projects for Governmental and None Governmental departments with the cost of 46 billion Afghani has been approved by the Presidential palace which will help grow country and create dozens of jobs opportunities.”

Investigation and reviewing process for selecting 26 big companies has been began out of 50 companies, the rest will not be capable to access any contract.


Reported by Rafi Sediqee

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