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21% of International funds in health sector wasted to healthcare advisors rather than patients: MoPH

(Last Updated On: February 11, 2015)


Afghan new appointed health minister, Firuzuddin Firuz opened a Health Sector Revenue Information Database on Wednesday to avoid wastage of healthcare services revenues.

Healthcare minister says that 21% of our total budged being funded by the International Community has been distributed to more than 450 advisors rather than those who require medical cares.

I confess sincerely that more than 450 domestic advisors which are being financed by our donors are getting paid in idle and once the funds freezes they will not continue to work for us,” Firuz said.

He insists that this process must be stopped and it must be replaced with health services rather than providing consultations.

Firuz said,” I have committed to inaugurate a super specialized hospital for the next two years to avoid wastage of the funds”.

This comes while according to the ministry of public health statistics Afghans are spending more than $300 million annually for health facilities outside the country which includes 73% of the whole expenditures on health section.

Reported By: Waheed Nawisa


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