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21 Killed, Wounded in Herat Traffic Accident

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2018)

Eight passengers of a bus vehicle including women and children were killed and 13 others wounded after a their riding bus collided with a truck vehicle.

“A Flancoch type bus collided with a truck vehicle in Sahra Sorkhak area of Adraskan district around 6:00 AM earlier this morning”, said Abdul Hamid Walizadah, spokesman of Herat Police Chief.

According to Mr. Walizada, the bus had departed Herat city for Farsi district of the province and collided with the truck vehicle which was parked beside the street due to technical troubles.

The local official further noted that four women, two children and two men were among the dead passengers.

Traffic accidents occasionally happens in different parts of the country and so far have claimed many lives in addition to inflicting heavy financial harms.

Recklessness driving and damaged roads are reported as the most prevalent causes of  such incidents.

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