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2015 Bloodiest year for Afghan correspondents: NAI

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2016)


Nai supporting open media findings indicated that (1394) 2015 has been the Bloodiest year for Afghan correspondents where dozens were killed, scores injured and violence imposed against hundreds.

Despite of violence, threats on Afghan correspondents few of media stations were attacked and destroyed, which provoked the concerns of Nai supporting open media officials.

Head of Media Watch at Nai Sediqullah Tauhidi said,” 12 correspondents were killed, 23 were injured, 15 were beaten, and 63 of journalists were threatened in the year of 2015.”

The findings also explained that 64 cases of violence recorded by Nai where 26 percent imposed by Taliban, and 21 percent forced by the unknown gunmen, irresponsible individuals and 1 percent by the International forces.

In the part of the report is written that Afghan correspondents still can’t have access to information, and the number of Afghan correspondents female has been decreased.

Meanwhile head of the Afghanistan correspondents center Ahmad Quriashi said,” We have recorded 191 cases of violence against correspondents in the year of 2015, which indicates increasing of violence against correspondents in Afghanistan.”

Due to insecurity dozens of female correspondents have left their jobs either there were threatened or were asked by their family members to stay home.

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