20 Thousands plug with Cancer in Afghanistan annually: MoPH

(Last Updated On: February 3, 2016)


Officials in Ministry of Public Health have mentioned that 200,00 Afghans are being plugged with cancer disease annually across the country.

Minister of Public Health Feruziddin Feruz said,” in order to tackle the issue we have activated a basic medical center in Jamhoryat Hospital.”

Most of the doctors believed that cancer disease is curable in Afghanistan.

“Based on the survey launched by the health care responsible annually 200,00 persons are being plugged with Cancer disease in Afghanistan, where 1500,0 of the patients gradually lose their life Minister of Public health Feruziddin Feruz said,”

Meanwhile Physicians in Afghanistan believed that cancer is curable unless it’s taken serious at the beginning of the process, based on the reports now cancer can be cured in even in Afghanistan, a word which Afghans do trust in it.”

Minister of Public Health Feruziddin Feruz stated that cancer can be identified and cured in Jamhoryat Hospital,he has further mentioned that we will soon open the second center to cure cancer in Istiqlal Hospital here in Kabul city.

In the mean time first lady of Afghanistan has expressed her supports for fighting such disease where thousands of Afghans lose their life as the result of the following disease saying now cancer is curable in Afghanistan.

Rola Ghani’s health advisor Fawzia Alam said,” First lady of Afghanistan has expressed her full package supports for fighting and caring such disease (Cancer) in Afghanistan, therefore she has created a working group to tackle the issue and find better alternatives for it.”

Doctors have entitled the following factors are to end up Cancer disease smoking, overeating, using more meat in daily meal, no exercise , and having not enough water to drink.

Reported by Ali Asghari

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