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18 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Baghlan Airstrikes

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2019)

At least 18 Taliban militants were killed in two separate airstrikes during the last 24 hours in northern Baghlan province, a local official said on Monday

The provincial police spokesman Ahmad Jawed Bisharat told Ariana News that the Afghan Forces have conducted air operations in Dahn-i-Ghori and Baghlan-i-Markazi districts of Baghlan province.

Bisharat said Afghan forces targeted Taliban insurgents in Kokchinar village of Baghlan-i-Markazi district and Bazpostak area of Dahn-i-Ghori district, killing at least 18 militants of the group.

During the air operations, a training center and an ammunition depot of the militants were also destroyed, he further said.

Meanwhile, the residents of Baghlan urges the government to hold military operation against Taliban militants in Dahn-i-Ghori and Baghlan-i-Markazi district of Baghlan, as well as Dand-i-Shahabuddin area of Pole-Khomri in order to retake these areas from the Taliban insurgents.

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