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17 percent civilian causalities increased comparing to last year: IHRC

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2016)


Afghanistan Human Rights Commission has published report indicating 17 percent of civilian casualties comparing to last year in the country, according to the report 3129 civilians including women and children were killed and 6302 others were injured, saying 72 percent of the civilians causalities were done by the terrorists which include Daesh and Taliban, more over Afghan security forces caused 9 percent the civilians causalities.

The report also indicates that 775 women and 1116 children were killed and 6302 other civilians were injured last year.

Head of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission Sima Samar said,” both party should not use the civilians or common houses as their shelters, the perpetrators of the casualties of the civilians should be introduced to justice and judicial departments.”

“Taliban claiming Jihad, they need to stop killing of civilians and innocent people the Afghanistan Human Rights Commission Deputy AbdulRahman Hotak said,”

Miss Sima has also declared the main factors of the increasing of causalities of the civilians in Afghanistan are suicide bombings, ground fighting, road mines.

“ Afghan Government have failed to the terrorists face the music, they should be punished through International courts Miss Sima Samar head of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission said.”

Afghanistan has been witnessing war since decades, where civilians have always paid the prices, officials in the following commission have expressed their concerns over the increasing of the civilian casualties, saying if the Government fails again the local police forces and people upraising will commit serious human rights abuses.

Reported by Fawad Nassiri

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