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17 New Minister Nominees to be introduced to Mp House: Abidi

(Last Updated On: February 21, 2015)


 President Spokesman Ajmal Ubaid Abidi said,” 17 new minister nominees will be introduced in 15 days to the lower house of the parliament.”

Lawmaker’s winter vacation has been a golden chance for both Afghan leaders to choose suitable nominees for the Ministries.

CEO spokesman claims that there are several Women listed as the new nominees for the Ministries chairs.

President Spokesman Ajmal Ubaid Abidi said,” there is full preparation to introduce the list of 17 new nominees after the lawmakers occupy their chairs from their winter season vacation.”

CEO deputy spokesman Jawid Faisal said, “we are on decision to appoint Women not only in Ministerial chairs but also in provincial and even as deputies we want them to participant in Afghanistan developments.”

There are roamers that those Ministers couldn’t make it have been re-listed and Afghanistan National security advisor Hanif Atmar has been picked as the New Defense Minister.

Reported by Wahid Nawisa

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