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17 Killed, 67 Injured at Kart-i- Sakhi Attack: MoI

(Last Updated On: October 12, 2016)

4Officials in Ministry of Interior Affairs have said that 17 were killed 67 injured in attack carried out by one attacker late Tuesday evening at Sakhi shrine of Kart-i- Sakhi area of Kabul city.

They have also stated advance discovery information was received though on the mass attack is taking place.

The victim family members have criticized the Government for failing to ensure security for the Ashura mourners.

One attacker who was wearing police uniform has opened fire and threw grenades over the Ashura mourners at Sakhi shrine, the exchanging of fire didn’t take long where the attacker was shot dead by the security forces.

Ministry of Interior Affairs Sediq Sediqee said,” in the attack 16 Ashura mourners were killed and 55 others were injured where 3 women and 2 children are among the casualties and 12 Afghan security forces are among the injuries.”

One of the mourners has accused President Ghani and Abdullah for taking the destination of the people in the wrong direction and they are the main Terrorists.”

Meanwhile other old man who has lost two members of his family said,” One of them was my sister who was widow now what do I do with her children.”

One of the mourners who is a girl said,” I have seen one person wearing police uniform was shooting at everyone in the shrine.”

This comes after a road side bomb which was placed in one of the mosques at Balkh district of Balkh province has killed 14 and injured 28 other Ashura mourners late Wednesday evening.

Reported by Hayat Bais

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