17 killed, 31 injured in traffic accident in Farah

(Last Updated On: June 04, 2016 10:12 am)

Bus Crush

17 people have been killed and 31 others wounded in a traffic accident in western Farah province of Afghanistan, police officials said.

Mohammad Ghaws Malyar, security chief of Farah police on Saturday, said the incident took place late on Friday in Bala Bluk district of Farah province after a bus strayed away from its main direction in Kabul – Herat highway.

Hospital sources confirmed they have received 31 people sustained to injuries as a result of the incident.

Abdul Jabar Shayeq, chief of public health for Farah province said,” we have received 31 wounded people, the health condition of two of them are critical”.

Reckless driving and high speed driving has always resulted to traffic collision in Afghanistan’s highways.

This comes as about one month ago at least 50 people were killed and 70 others injured in a traffic accident on Kabul – Kandahar highway.

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