158 Military Officials Referred to AGO: MoI

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2018)

Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) has said 158 military officials including four generals accused of corruption have been referred to the Attorney General Office (AGO).

“The Ministry of Interior reviewed over 540 cases in the last six months that 158 of them referred to the Attorney General,” said Zia Kohestani, MoI audit director.

According to Kohestani, the top officials were accused of embezzlement, misuse of authority and peculation.

MoI emphasizes on reforms and made it a top priority that can seriously fight against corruption.

“We have a new system that will be launched and help us in fight against corruption,” said Najib Danish, spokesman of MoI.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has repeatedly pledged to target corruption in Afghanistan, which is often cited as one of the greatest challenges facing the country.

Afghan police and military officials have been accused of sweeping corruption charges, including theft of money and weapons, lack of transparency in use of allocated resources, cooperation with heroin and opium cartels and myriads of forms of neglect of duty.

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