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1,500 Buses to Start Operating in Kabul

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2019)

The Kabul Municipality has built 264 public bus stations worth millions of Afghanis as an effort to reduce traffic jam in the capital Kabul.

Narges Mohmand, the Spokesperson of Kabul Municipality on Monday told Ariana News that they are awaiting for the Ministry of Transport to allow buses to operate in the City.

“We build bus stations to resolve the problems of Kabul residents and we hope they are going to be used effectively,” Ms. Mohmand said.

An official in the Ministry of Transport said that around 1,500 buses will start their operations in Kabul City in the near future.

“India has promised to provide us with public buses once the construction of stations completed. In addition, India will establish an institute for urban transport,” said Mahdi Rouhani, the Spokesman of Ministry of Transport.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Omar, a resident of Kabul expressed his concern, saying there are no buses in the stations.

“As you see there are no buses in the stations to be used and if it continues the stations will be damaged very soon,” he said.

Officials in the Ministry of Transport said that they have maintenance teams to take care of bus stations; however, they urged residents to stay cooperative.

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