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15 Taliban Militants Killed in Zabul Clashes

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2019)

At least 15 Taliban insurgents were killed in clashes with Afghan security force in Zabul province, the Interior Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

According to the statement, a clash occurred between the Taliban and Afghan forces in the provincial capital, Zabul, on Saturday in which at least seven militants were killed and four others injured.

In a separate incident, the Taliban fighters attacked the Kakaran security outposts at Sayeed Jan village of Zabul and faced fierce ‘resistance’ by Afghan police, the statement added.

As a result, at least eight militants were killed and 11 others wounded, the statement noted.

The statement did not provide details on Afghan forces casualties.

However, the Taliban militant group claimed in a statement that its fighters captured a security forces base in the capital of Zabul province.

The statement further claimed that at least 15 Afghan forces have been killed and the Taliban have detained seven others.

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