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15 Members of Public Uprising Forces Killed in Ghor

(Last Updated On: June 8, 2019)

Fifteen members of the public uprising forces were killed in an attack by the Taliban insurgents in central Ghor province, local officials said on Saturday. 

Abdulhai Khatibi, a spokesman for the provincial governor told Ariana News that the incident happened on Friday night when a group of Taliban militants attacked a security outpost in Dawalatyar district of the province.

According to Khatibi, 15 people including civilians were killed and a tribal elder was wounded in the attack.

He did not provide further details about the civilian casualties.

The back-up troops have been deployed at the area and they have pushed back the Taliban fighters, he added.

In a statement, the Taliban militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack, adding that at least 14 public uprising forces were killed and three others including their injured in the incident.

However, Fawad Andarabi, the commander of security forces at Salma Dam of Herat, had been sent to Dawlatyar District of Ghor to clear the district from the Taliban presence.

During the operation, he lost his life in a face to face clash with the Taliban fighters on Wednesday.

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