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15 killed, 38 injured in Faryab blast: Provincial Governor

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2015)

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A suicide blast killed five people and injured another 35 in Almar district of Faryab province of Afghanistan, a security source who doesn’t want to be named said.

A hospital source in Maymana city of Faryab said they have received more than 30 people mainly civilians injured as a result of the blast, of those hospitalized, two are in critical condition.

But acting provincial governor Abdul Satar Barez said,” according to the preliminary reports fifteen people were killed in the blast, including one soldier, two police and two National Directorate of Security (NDS) members, the victims are mainly civilians and thirty eight others were injured”.

This attack comes after the First Vice President Gen. Abdul Rasheed Dostum set a deadline for the Taliban militants to surrender and join peace process in the northern parts of the country especially in Faryab.

Recently Dostum said he will not return to Kabul until he clears Faryab from the existence of Taliban and other anti-government militant groups.

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