14 Taliban Militants Killed, Weapons Cache Seized in Ghazni

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2018)

14 Taliban militants were killed, nine others wounded and a large cache of weapons belonging to the insurgents has been seized by Afghan security forces, said Afghan military officials.

“The insurgents were using that storage of weapons and explosives to target and destroy public facilities, civil and military vehicles”, added Nezamuddin Khanjar, a commander of Afghan 203 Military Corpse in Ghazni province.

Afghan forces have launched a broad military operation titled ‘Iron Fight” against the Taliban insurgents since 10 days ago in Ghazni province.

The military official further noted that the operation will continue until a complete clearance of Ghazni province from the presence of Taliban militants.

He also added that many villages belonging to the central part and some districts of Ghazni have been cleared from the presence of Taliban insurgents.

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