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13 Packing Centers Established in 6 Agriculture Zones: MoAlS

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2015)


 Officials in Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock have stated that 13 packing centers were established in six agriculture zones to collect the current season harvests, saying the aim of the establishment is to convert the traditional method of collection internal harvest in the country.

The following project cost 4, 2$ million which is payable by the Asian Development Bank

Minister of Agriculture and live stock Asadullah Zamir who was inaugurating the first packing center in Mirbachakot district of Kabul city said,” one of the packing center is built in Kabul, three centers in Kandahar, three centers in Herat,three centers in Nangarhar, one center in Balkh Province and the other two has been established in Kunduz Province,the cost of each center is 233500$.”

Meanwhile Mirbachakot district Governor Abdul Rahim Rashid said,”its doesn’t resolve the whole challenges demanding that more packing centers to be established, insisting Afghanistan should come out of the current traditional agriculture method, and taxation on farmers should be decreased.”

However the head of the Sectarian services Matiullah Kharoti said,” in most of the cases we lose the big projects for having no sufficient budgets or no good maintaining.”

The following packing centers have been equipped as standard which is capable of to pack 5 up to 7 tons of products on daily basis.

Reported by Nabila Hafizi

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