13 Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Attack in Kunduz

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2017)

The Taliban militants have launched attack on a police checkpoint in Khan Abad highway of Kuduz province, leaving 13 soldiers killed, officials said.

The chief district of Khan Abad, Hayatullah Amiri told Ariananews that the Taliban’s attack began at around 3:00 AM (Local Time) and only one soldier succeed to survive from the incident.

Amiri noted the incident took place in Dokan-e Adam Khan area of Khan Abad district.

The insurgent group influences several districts in Kunduz and in neighboring northern provinces that border Central Asian states.

Afghan forces now face mounting pressure from a resurgent Taliban amid record casualties and mass desertions as the militants escalate attacks across the country.

The militants have warned that there will be no let-up in their attacks until foreign forces fully withdraw from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is still suffering from insecurity and violence years after the United States and its allies invaded the country as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror. The invasion removed the Taliban from power, but militancy continues to this day.

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