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11 Police jailed for one year over mob killing

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2015)

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Eleven police members have been sentenced to one year in prison for negligence and dereliction of duties to protect a girl killed by Kabul mob about two months ago.

Hundreds of angry mob killed Farkhunda, an Afghan girl who was allegedly lynched after being accused of burning a copy of the holy Quran; later the investigators said they could not found any evidence showing she had burned the holy Quran.

Totally forty nine men including 19 police officers were arrested in accusation of killing, and dereliction of duty and faced prosecution by the court.

Earlier the Kabul primary court sentenced four men to death by hanging, eight men to 16 years in prison and announced another 18 suspects as innocent as there were no charges to prove them guilty.

Today, the court sentenced the following 11 policemen including the chief of 2nd police district to one year in prison for failing to protect Farkhunda: Hassibullah, Saleh Muhammad, Sayed Taimor Shah, Ghulam Nabi, Shah Mohammad, Naz Mohammad, Abdul Sami, Mohammad Muqim, Abdul Saboor, Jawad, Zabihullah.

In addition, another 8 policemen, Sayed Ismail, Habib Ul Rahman, Noor Agha, Mohammad Halim, Ahmad Zahir, Abdul Wakeel, Iqbal, and Khwaja Kazim was called free from guilt due to the lack of evidence against them.

According to the judge Safiullah Mujadedi the verdict is preliminary and all the men who have faced prosecutions have the right to appeal.

As thousands of Afghans demonstrated in many occasions inside and outside the country to condemn beating, killing and burning of the girl and seek justice for Farkhunda, the question comes will the murder of Farkhunda change the country’s culture of violence against women from now on.

Written by: Hesamuddin Hesam

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