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Young Girl in Zabul killed before Shooter Turns Weapon on Himself

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A young man on Monday shot himself dead before killing a girl in Zabul province in south of Afghanistan.

Provincial governor spokesperson Gul Islam Syal said the incident occurred this morning in Shahr Safa district of the province.

Sayal says,” the man shot the girl while she was on her way to school and then killed himself with his weapon.”

About the motive of the incident, the official said that the girl was engaged with the man in childhood, but two days ago she became engaged with another man.

There is a tradition called “Naami Kardan” which means to promise the girl to someone in some provinces of Afghanistan that allows families to engage two children even before their birth and refusal of such arranged marriage is often a cause of an honor killing.

Dozens of women and girls are murdered by their relatives in Afghanistan each year on the pretext of defending family “honor”.

By Hesamuddin Hesam

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