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Pakistan is facilitator, not intervening in the talks with Taliban: Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry

Tue Feb 07, 1:17 pm

Pakistan’s role in the process of peace talks is to solve the problems rather than to intervene in, Pakistani officials said.

Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Reza Gilani arrived on Monday in Qatar for the process of peace talks with Taliban and also to discuss on Taliban’s office with the Qatar officials.

Before his visit to Qatar, PM Gilani said Islamabad supports the Afghan-led peace talks and while criticizing the previous policies of his country, Mr. Gilani said such policies were made by a dictator and army chief.

“Those days passed that a man used to make policies, but now our parliament makes plans and policies for the international countries” Mr. Gilani said.

“Pakistan has a very limited role in the Afghan peace talks. The people and leaders of Afghanistan have to decide the stability and fate of their country. Pakistan has a strong commitment not to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan” said Abdul Basit the spokesman of Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry.

No solution in Afghanistan can be succeeded if not acceptable by the people and leaders of the country, Abdul Basit added.

While a number of Afghan MPs and experts believe that Pakistan has a vital role in the peace talks but they are skeptical about the sincerity of Pakistan.

The Afghan MP Nasir Osoli says Pakistan has been directly involved in the thirty-year war in Afghanistan and still most of the armed groups are funded by the Pakistan.

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