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Mexican Soldiers detected tunnel of 300 meters in the border of America

Sat Aug 13, 3:41 pm

Mexican Soldiers detected an incomplete tunnel beneath the border of America and Mexico. Police officials said: At least 10 people including a woman are arrested in accusation of this incident. Mexican Media reported: General Alfonso Doratha chief of Police of Tekhwana City of Mexico informed the detection of this tunnel.

This tunnel is situated in the border of America and Mexico which is incomplete. He added:

This tunnel was started from a residential house of Mexico. He added: 10 people including a woman helped in digging the tunnel and they were arrested during an army operation. Mexican officials said that the height of this tunnel is 1.8 meters and its width is one meter including exhaust fans. This tunnel is detected at the time when United States of America announced on June of this year that almost 150 hidden tunnels are detected which was used for human and narcotics smuggling

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