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Britain rejected Russian extradition request of political refugees

Tue Sep 13, 1:37 pm

Prime Minister of England rejected the Russian extradition request of political refugees who were accused of different crimes.

Russia also requested for submit of ‘Andre Lvgvvy’ former officer of Russian Federal Security. This issue has caused serious tensions between Moscow and London.

Prime Minister of England David Cameroon, who takes living in Moscow for official visit, told to the gathering of professors and students at Moscow State University:

“England does not change its decision”.

Cameroon stated that:

It is a judicial issue, and the accused person has the right to a fair trial of his cases.

Russian Attorney General in 2003 and 2006 years requested England for extradition of ‘Ahmad Zakayf’ rebel leader of Chechnya and ‘Boris Brzvfsky’ Russian wealthy person and several former officials of oil company ‘Yvkas’.

British court has entitled it the lack of a transparent judicial process in Russia.

The issue of extradition of these people has created a serious tension between England and Russia

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