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Afghan-US strategic alliance details will be announced soon

Mon Nov 07, 1:48 pm

An official of United States Congress has said Night operations and security transitions are the controversial issues between US and Afghan government which has postponed signing strategic alliance.

This strategic agreement will clear responsibility transitions and presence of US military in Afghanistan after 2014, he stressed.

Night operations and detentions by foreign forces, that have always followed the sharp criticism, are among the cases on which Kabul and Washington have been disagree to the sign the alliance.

An official of US congress who refused to disclose his name said that the details of Afghan-US strategic alliance will be announced in 2nd Bonn Conference.

“To announce the details of this agreement is somewhat ahead of the time but I think the right time to announce is NATO summit in May 2012 in Chicago”, he added.

The official told Reuters that America’s military presence in Afghanistan will be agreed in the strategic agreement between Afghanistan and United States of America.

It comes as US Secretary of State Hillary Clint had earlier told in US congress about the 90% agreement of both side’s demands in the strategic treaty between Kabul and Washington.

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