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We Will Officially Ask Gov’t Officials to Register Assets: HOAC

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2017 7:56 pm)

captureOfficials in High Office of Anti-Corruption (HOAC) have said We will officially ask the high ranking Governmental officials to register their assets in our office if not then their identifications will be shared with the people, amid experts said it looks that no concrete intention is underway to fight corruption in Afghanistan.

Chief of the High Office of Anti-Corruption Sayed Hussien Fakhri said, “Based on the law everyone is obligated to register their assets, we will acknowledge them once twice or even thrice officially if not we will disclose their names with the people.”

High Office of Anti-Corruption registers, verifies and publishes the assets of high ranking government officials in accordance with the article 154 of Constitution, article 12 of Anti-corruption Law and presidential decree of No 61 on 27/12/1388.

The officials in High Office of Anti-Corruption have not been able to register verify the assets of the high ranking Governmental officials in the past two years.

Professor Mohammad Azim Noor Bakhsh said, “The High Office of Anti-Corruption members have not accomplished a task as transparent as it should be, either they do not want to register the assets or Government of Afghanistan does not trust over the following Office.”

High Office of Anti-Corruption was established to fight corruption based on the decree of the former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai and registers the assets of the high ranking Governmental officials and to launch investigation over the wealth of the officials during 8 years of activities the following office has yet to accomplish significant tasks.

Reported by: Ali Asghari

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