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MCIT to reduce internet price

Wed Apr 25, 11:28 am

Currently 85 percent of Afghan population country-wide has been provided telecommunication services, Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology (MCIT) officials said.

The Minister of Telecommunication and Information Technology, Amirzai Sangin, said the ministry was seeking to extend telecommunication services in the other remaining parts of the country.

“Now it is the time to strive for providing faster and cheaper internet services throughout the country” Sangin added.

Up to the next three years, most of the Afghan citizens would have access to the internet facilities, the minister said. The ministry announced new price of the internet services reducing 1 MB internet from $ 900 to $ 300 dollars for the internet providers in the country.

Based on MCIT statistics, currently only 4 percent of Afghan population has access to the internet facilities while this figure has reached over 30 percent in neighboring countries especially Pakistan and India.

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