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International Conference “Open Sources” launched in Kabul

Mon Oct 17, 1:05 pm

An international conference titled “Open Sources” started in Kabul, Afghanistan on Sunday. The conference was organized by ministry of Information and Technology and UNESCO where representatives of a number of foreign countries and representatives of ministry participated. Information and technology ministry and UNESCO director consider the conference effective for all Afghans.

Amirzai Sangeen, acting minister of Information and Technology said that:

“The purpose of open sources technology conference is to provide information on how to use computer skills in sector of information technology”

According to him, “computer skills required for using open sources technologies means on how to get to it and use it.”

The participants of this conference consider the information technology, especially “open source” important for youth.

Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai said that:

“In Central Asia, one million people are facing poverty and have no financial access to information technology; therefore, approach to open source technologies is important”.

He added that:

“We must have the tendency to proceed”.

UNESCO director in Afghanistan said that:

“UNESCO cooperation for better access of Afghan’s to information technology will continue”.

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