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Taliban Still Casts Shadow on Girl’s Schools in Ghazni

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2017 3:14 pm)

The armed Taliban group are still threatening girl’s schools in Ghazni province, residents said.

Recently, unidentified individuals who said to be as Taliban members have warned the headmasters and teachers to not allow girls attend to school after completing the sixth grade.

The Taliban usually let little girls go to school until the fourth grade. There is no limit for boys, but some of the schools that are judged too ‘Western’, can also be targeted. The Taliban prefer their own Quranic schools.

Officials of Ghazni education department confirm the problems saying this is a war situation and really negatively impacts on the society especially the students.

However, the education department of Ghazni has warned teachers to attend their duties and come to school; otherwise they will be officially tracked.

Previously, the head department of Ghazni education has claimed that those who warned the teachers were a number of gangsters.

In some schools, the Taliban have even managed to modify the curriculum. They eliminated English classes and added more theology. They even placed their own theology teachers in the schools.

According to the education ministry, thousands of students dropped out of school due to security fears, and many schools also close for the same reason.

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